Build Your Land

Hello dear players Our land sale will start in 6 days. What will you gain as a land owner? Since the game is only played on selected land, when you buy land, you will be able to demand taxes from players who choose your land. In fact, once you own an land, you will become a mayor. You can rent certain parts of your land, build new residences and receive new advertisements on your island. Since you will make these with Farm Tokens, you can sell them on the exchange and turn them into real money.

Players who will participate in the island sale must hold Farm tokens over 0.10 BNB


What does the game promise us? Farm Verse is a VR-supported metaverse system that can be played on both mobile and computer. By creating a character in it, you can meet new people, create a clan and start life on the island you choose. You can farm using the starting items that the game gives you. In this game, where you will spend pleasant moments with your friends, you can continue the game by gaining new skills in the talent pool, cooking, carpentry, farming, driving and many more skills. You can sell the products you grow at the vendors in the market and turn the earnings of the products you sell into real money. I would like to share here that FarmxVerse is not only a farming game, but also that you can do space mining in the continuation of the game by hearing great innovations in the future.

1 Phase First Station

-Brand creation✔️
-Mass dissemination with Influencers and Youtubers of NFT tokens✔️
-Launch of the FARM Token✔️
-Sales Land⌛
-Sales of NFTs⌛

Phase 2 Boomerang

- Launch of the V1 game⌛
- Special airdrops⌛
 -Twitter,Youtube Adv. Hard Push⌛
- Collectable NFTs⌛
- Launch of V2 with ranking and competitive⌛

Aug 2007 Amazon History
Amazon Announced Amazon Fresh Pickup

- Update to V3⌛
- Marketplace⌛
- Pvp mode⌛
- Game development in APP  for iOS,Android⌛
-Listing in an Coinmarketcap,Coingecko ⌛
 -Big Community⌛

Douglass Saima
Software Engineer
John Olav
Art Director
Martin Love
Lisa Roxanne
Marketing Team Leader
Lana Elia
Game Dev. Team Leader

We are in the process of debugging the game. It is planned to open in March.

The farm token is used for your shopping in the game, you make your expenses with the farm token.

Unfortunately, if you do not log into the game, the products you grow will rot. The mayor can take the rotting products for himself.